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Zuba Comic Book EP1   

As a way to introduce children to basic money concepts in a kid-friendly format, New Faces New Voices created a comic book called ZUBA. ZUBA is a fictional publication designed for educational and entertainment purposes. Zuba is the main character in this story. She is a smart, inquisitive 13 years old girl who never has a dull moment in her adventurous life. She comes from a humble home with a loving family. Zuba has many dreams, one of which is to go to university and have a career that will take her places. She doesn’t really know what she wants to be when she grows up but she knows it will be something extraordinary. Read this Episode of Zuba see her learning about a new financial concept and making a plan, of course things don’t always go smoothly but as always she gives it her best.

Zuba Comic Book EP2   

Previously, ZUBA faced challenges include business loss and customers complaints, with her family’s support she tried to overcome the challenges and start to learn about banking. This new episode will focus on reconnecting with her mentor from the first episode and come clean about her struggles with managing her revenue from her business and how to separate what belongs to the business versus what is her own money for personal use. Enjoy reading this episode and learn with Zuba about the need to develop assets at her level in order to grow revenue streams and strategically plan for her future goals”.

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