Under our overall goal to increase the number of women financially included in Rwanda, New Faces New Voices Rwanda confronts the identified barriers to their inclusion through three pillars:.

Access to affordable and relevant financial services that meets the needs of women in Rwanda is an important part of New Faces New Voices interventions. We currently achieve this by increasing Rwandan women’s access to finance through existing financial services and are launching a new investment instrument owned by women, created for women. We work closely with key stakeholders serving as a bridge to information, access and services to ensure that the women we support benefit from all the efforts at different levels in their journey to financial wealth and health.

Under the Capacity Building pillar New Faces New Voices Rwanda works to strengthen the skills and capacity that women entrepreneurs, consumers and investors need to increase their financial inclusion. As a membership based organization we have programs that address the needs of women in our six clusters;
1. Low-income women at the bottom of the pyramid,
2. Women in cooperatives,
3. Women owners of micro-enterprises,
4. Young emerging women entrepreneurs,
5. Junior-mid level professionals, and
6. Established business women and senior professionals.

As women take on more prominent positions they are better placed to advocate and implement policies in their workplaces and society, which lead to more effective interventions for women in any sector.
Increasing the influence of women in the financial services sector, both as individuals and as a group, can create a ‘virtuous circle’ to support the economic empowerment of all women.
New Faces New Voices Rwanda has developed a unique program on women leadership for the financial sector.
As we grow the number, and visibility, of Rwandan women in leadership and decision-making positions in the financial sector we speed up the inclusivity of women across the country at all levels.

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